The Ontario Sunshine List - Public Sector Salary Disclosure

The names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of public sector employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

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William R. Abbott

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William R. Abbott served as the Associate Professor at University of Waterloo in 2003, received an annual salary of $118,349.58 and a taxable benefit of $365.88, as indicated by the Government of Ontario's Sunshine list.


Total paid in 2003




Taxable Benefit

Gender: Male
Very high confidence

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Job Title :   Associate Professor
Employer :   University of Waterloo
Sector :   Universities
Year :   2003

Comparing peers in identical roles within the organization

Low: $100K Avg: $110K High: $135K

Comparison with other individuals in similar positions in Ontario

Low: $100K Avg: $111K High: $186K
Bottom 90% Below Average Above Average Top 10%

Yearly Total Paid

Year Job Title Salary Taxable Benefit Raise
2003 Associate Professor $118,350 $366

The 2003 Sunshine List has 100 employees who held exactly same position title ( Associate Professor ) in the University of Waterloo.

10 out of 100 employees

Full Name Salary Taxable Benefit
William R. Abbott $118,350 $366
Frances A. Allard $114,850 $156
Joanne Atlee $111,906 $155
Norman R. Ball $102,345 $385
John C. Beatty $109,986 $271
Derek Besner $107,828 $366
James P. Black $135,237 $201
David W. Blowes $117,909 $250
Richard W. Bodell $105,753 $344
Raouf Boutaba $113,198 $146

The 2003 Sunshine List has 536 employees who held comparable positions in Ontario.

10 out of 536 employees

Full Name Job Title Employer Total Paid
Karen Saperson Director / Associate Professor McMaster University $185,779
David G. Johnston Associate Professor McMaster University $180,779
Harriet L. Macmillan Associate Professor McMaster University $178,480
Glenda M. Macqueen Associate Professor McMaster University $176,338
Susan Denburg Associate Dean And Professor McMaster University $174,508
Lawrence Tapp Dean / Associate Professor University of Western Ontario $171,915
Panth Voruganti Associate Professor McMaster University $170,779
Anthony Duggan Professor, Law And Associate Dean University of Toronto $161,925
John Capone Associate Dean And Professor McMaster University $162,009
Margaret A. Baumann Associate Dean And Professor McMaster University $160,431