The Ontario Sunshine List - Public Sector Salary Disclosure

The names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of public sector employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

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Scott Abbiss

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Scott Abbiss served as the Senior Policy Advisor at Community and Social Services in 2016, received an annual salary of $100,252.95 and a taxable benefit of $166.23, as indicated by the Government of Ontario's Sunshine list. Scott has held the same position since 2016 has been receiving six-figure yearly compensation.


Total paid in 2016




Taxable Benefit

Gender: Male
Very high confidence

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Job Title :   Senior Policy Advisor
Employer :   Community and Social Services
Sector :   Government of Ontario - Ministries
Year :   2016

Comparing peers in identical roles within the organization

Low: $100K Avg: $101K High: $104K

Comparison with other individuals in similar positions in Ontario

Low: $100K Avg: $105K High: $186K
Bottom 90% Below Average Above Average Top 10%

Between 2009 and 2016, Scott experienced an average annual decrease of approximately 0.04% in annual salary, including taxable benefits at Community and Social Services. By 2016, Scott's total pay had fallen by 0.30% compared to the pay in 2009. Additional information can be found in the chart and table presented below.

Yearly Total Paid

Year Job Title Salary Taxable Benefit Raise
2016 Senior Policy Advisor $100,253 $166 -3.92%
2014 Senior Policy Advisor / Conseiller principal en politiques $104,330 $183 0.62%
2013 Program Supervisor $103,709 $159 0.96%
2012 Senior Policy Advisor $102,736 $142 2.63%
2010 Senior Policy Advisor $100,082 $164 -0.47%
2009 Senior Policy Advisor $100,555 $163

The 2016 Sunshine List has 15 employees who held exactly same position title ( Senior Policy Advisor ) in the Community and Social Services.

10 out of 15 employees

Full Name Salary Taxable Benefit
Scott Abbiss $100,253 $166
Ava Arron $100,253 $163
Sara Beekenkamp $100,253 $163
Allan Devlin $100,253 $163
Minghao Her $100,253 $163
Laurie Ivsich $100,253 $163
Cynthia Krysmanski $100,253 $163
Reshmi Majumder-adhikari $100,061 $163
Maggie Mallouh $100,253 $163
Sharon Mertens $102,510 $151

The 2016 Sunshine List has 314 employees who held comparable positions in Ontario.

10 out of 314 employees

Full Name Job Title Employer Total Paid
Robert Truman Senior Policy Advisor University of Western Ontario $186,273
Barbara A. Hauser Secretary to Council And Senior Policy Advisor COU Holding Association Inc. $178,769
Jordana Berke Senior Policy Advisor Government and Consumer Services $154,746
Scott Fairweather Senior Economic And Policy Advisor Housing / Logement $139,180
Sandy Murray Senior Advisor Policy City of Toronto - Police Service $136,030
Barbara Gough Senior Policy Advisor Advanced Education and Skills Development $133,119
Jennifer Veenboer Senior Policy And Strategic Issues Advisor City of Toronto $131,202
Joan M. Christensen Senior Policy Advisor Health and Long-Term Care $128,881
Jennifer Dunlap Senior Policy Advisor, Non-Renewable Resources Natural Resources and Forestry $126,944
Allen Paul Senior Policy Advisor Economic Development and Growth / Research, Innovation and Science $120,992