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The names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of public sector employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

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Lorraine Aarons

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Lorraine Aarons served as the Elementary Principal at Durham CDSB in 2005, received an annual salary of $100,446.01 and a taxable benefit of $536.44, as indicated by the Government of Ontario's Sunshine list.


Total paid in 2005




Taxable Benefit

Gender: Female
Very high confidence

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Job Title :   Elementary Principal
Employer :   Durham CDSB
Sector :   School Boards
Year :   2005

Comparing peers in identical roles within the organization

Low: $101K Avg: $102K High: $107K

Comparison with other individuals in similar positions in Ontario

Low: $100K Avg: $103K High: $164K
Bottom 90% Below Average Above Average Top 10%

Yearly Total Paid

Year Job Title Salary Taxable Benefit Raise
2005 Elementary Principal $100,446 $536

The 2005 Sunshine List has 36 employees who held exactly same position title ( Elementary Principal ) in the Durham CDSB.

10 out of 36 employees

Full Name Salary Taxable Benefit
Leonore Barnard $101,223 $555
Joanne Binns $101,996 $546
Robert Camozzi $101,996 $546
Patrick Cauley $101,223 $555
Lon Coghlan $106,459 $581
Linda Delmonte $101,223 $555
Nancy Drynan $101,223 $555
Mary Lou Elliott $101,996 $546
Michael Forgione $101,223 $555
Linda Frost $101,223 $555

The 2005 Sunshine List has 554 employees who held comparable positions in Ontario.

10 out of 554 employees

Full Name Job Title Employer Total Paid
Michael Noonan Principal, Elementary Wellington CDSB $164,447
Jeannine Faubert Elementary Principal Waterloo Region DSB $147,302
Rhonda Cohen-pierobon Vice Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $128,675
Lesa Semcesen Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $120,259
Richard Acton Elementary Principal Thames Valley DSB $118,000
Colleen Andrews Vice Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $114,214
Roula Anastasakos Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $113,547
Debra Lavine Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $112,130
Douglas Loosemore Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $112,070
Karl Kunz Principal, Elementary Toronto DSB $112,028