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The names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of public sector employees paid $100,000 or more in a calendar year.

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Akram Abbasi

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Akram Abbasi served as the Registered Nurse at York Central Hospital in 2010, received an annual salary of $116,452.90 and a taxable benefit of $383.76, as indicated by the Government of Ontario's Sunshine list.


Total paid in 2010




Taxable Benefit

Gender: Male
Very high confidence

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Job Title :   Registered Nurse
Employer :   York Central Hospital
Sector :   Hospitals and Boards of Public Health
Year :   2010

Comparing peers in identical roles within the organization

Low: $101K Avg: $108K High: $124K

Comparison with other individuals in similar positions in Ontario

Low: $100K Avg: $111K High: $211K
Bottom 90% Below Average Above Average Top 10%

Yearly Total Paid

Year Job Title Salary Taxable Benefit Raise
2010 Registered Nurse $116,453 $384

The 2010 Sunshine List has 19 employees who held exactly same position title ( Registered Nurse ) in the York Central Hospital.

10 out of 19 employees

Full Name Salary Taxable Benefit
Akram Abbasi $116,453 $384
Priscilla Bernardo $101,057 $391
Shu Yuan Cao $106,523 $352
Susan Clark $107,352 $48
Beteleham Ghebrreselassie $105,789 $351
Jasodra Harcharran $102,006 $409
Linda Lefeuvre $110,706 $397
Samuel Osamudiamen $104,506 $389
Sharon Pasion $104,484 $384
Sandra Pellecchia-clarke $122,286 $384

The 2010 Sunshine List has 1408 employees who held comparable positions in Ontario.

10 out of 1408 employees

Full Name Job Title Employer Total Paid
Wanda Oszczypek Registered Nurse Niagara Health System $210,698
Estrellita Le Masurier Registered Nurse St. Michael’s Hospital $180,245
Danniela Dubiel Registered Nurse Niagara Health System $177,470
Victoria Wunsch Registered Nurse Northeast Mental Health Centre $175,389
Cristina Boomsluter Registered Nurse Humber River Regional Hospital $174,356
Amelia Jones Registered Nurse Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre $165,266
Gabriel Marion Registered Nurse Mental Health Centre Penetanguishene $164,256
Kathleen Cummings Registered Nurse Quinte Healthcare $162,327
Colette Labbe Registered Nurse Sault Area Hospital $161,694
Laurene Freeman Registered Nurse The Scarborough Hospital $158,724